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Unfinished Stories 2007

Ravayat haye na tamam

Three desperate but determined women end up on the street in night-time Teheran. They have nowhere to go. They don't know each other and each has their own problem and social background, yet their lives will touch without them knowing.
After an evening spent with a girlfriend, the teenage girl Setareh does not return home. She has made a date with her forbidden boyfriend by a bus stop, to elope together. But she can't get hold of him. When it's too late to go home, she roams the city at the end of her tether. Hengameh is a married woman who fears she is pregnant. Her husband makes it abundantly clear that it is the last thing he wants. When she drives around the city in despair, looking for a way to get a legal abortion, she is arrested because she is on the street without her husband.
Finally, the simple Saiideh has a very different problem. She's just had a baby, but because her husband is in jail, she can't pay the hospital bill and is in danger of losing her child.
With simple means, the debutant Pourya Azarbayjani sketches an impressively dark picture of the situation in his country. The stories are unfinished, just as in reality we don't know what the future will bring for women in Iran.


Everything is Fine Here 2013

On the verge of her marriage, Arghavan, 25, is gang-raped in a deserted area of Tehran. In a strict, conservative society where young women are expected to be virgins before marriage, this is a crime and a catastrophe. The crime is that of her assailants; the catastrophe is hers. Overwhelmed by rumours, her life begins turning into a nightmare.

Arvand 2016
In this powerful drama from acclaimed Iranian director Pourya Azarbayjani, a former soldier is tormented by the loss of his comrades during the Iran-Iraq War nearly 30 years ago. Caught between past and present, he relives the memories as if they’re still fresh—retracing the steps he took during a campaign on the Arvand Rud waterway in an attempt to recover his friends’ bodies. The question is whether he’ll ever recover himself.  

Told through poetic flashbacks and composed tableaux of contemporary Iran, Azarbayjani’s take on the true story of 175 soldiers whose bodies were discovered after two decades offers cathartic release for a country still suffering the effects of one of the longest wars of the 20th century.

TAJRISH an Unfinished Story 2014

Set in modern day Tehran, two friends catch up on each other’s lives, while discussing the what-if’s of the past. Soroor and Amir became friends 20 years ago when they both performed in a play together. After not seeing each other since the play, they retrace the path of their friendship and take a trip down memory lane.

Feast of sorrow 2018
Four parallel stories are linked together through of social networks and present the crazy situation of personal branding today in Iran.
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