Pourya Azarbayjani Dow

About :

I started my work at the age of 18 as an assistant director in professional cinema industry while studying the BA degree in Theater Directing. In the following 3 years after 2001 I made 5 short films. 2004 was the beginning of my cooperation with Aftabnet AD. Co. as a TV commercial director, Creative director ,copywriter and editor until February 2018 , leading to many TV commercials. At 2007, I made my first feature film Unfinished Stories, continued with Everything Is Fine Here (2012) , Tajrish…, an Unfinished Story (2014), ARVAND (2016) and Feast of Sorrow ( 2018) . They were all accomplished alongside my TV movies and Theatrical experience. MY featur films were nominated by many international film festivals .
I was entitled to permanent US residency under the Special Talent category due to my outstanding achievements

Awards :

Jury awards - Warsaw film festival 2008 for Best feature (Unfinished Stories) 
Best first feature film - Third eye film festival 2008 (Unfinished stories)
Best first feature film – Fajr film festival 2007(Unfinished stories)
Best feature film – Anchorage film festival 2013 ( Everything is fine here)
Jury award –Sonoma international film festival 2014 ( Eveyrhing is fine here )
Best director – Fajr film festival 2009( water and mirror)
Best screen play – Fajr film festival (A love story for Rahmat)
Best TV commercial – tenerif film festival ( Maskan bank)
Best producer – Monaco film festival 2014 ( Everything is fine here ) 
Best feature film – Monaco film festival 2014 (Everything is fine here)
Jury award – Fajr film festival 2017 ( Arvand )
Best war and peace film – Jaipur film festival 2017 ( Arvand )